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A Late New Year's Poem

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

2019 is here

Foaming at the mouth, that rabid dog

We tried to help him last year, he wasn’t even that sick

But now his death will happen in this year

As the doctor predicts

His fear is that he’ll get other dogs sick.

With possibility of the unknown illness

Stirring up dread

Others think we should kill em cause he’s already dead

And some believe he can still be saved

After all he used to be so well behaved

We want to help our poor sick dog

But either way we feel we’ll be wrong

If we put em to sleep, what if he could have been saved

And we would be amazed at this miracle

And he can snuggle up next to us as we watch the ball drop on tv.

If we don’t, what if he bites someone in a fit of doggy rage

And then he would tear up our place

And he would die the hard way

So as we enter the vet for the last time,

Our dog wasn’t too far behind, wagging his tail

And appearing friendly

Maybe it’s just a last-day phase

As we went to the waiting room with grim faces

Our dog was excited

he was going to places

But another dog barked at him

And our dog growled back trying to get free

From this other dog so small and pampered

And our dog being so much more bigger

Trying to bully this smaller dog

We had to pull him away

And thats when the vet called our name

We got up

We knew we wouldn’t be celebrating

With champagne

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