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A Drop Of Rain ( guided imagery)

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri you are lying down on your back in your bed, the soft comfort of your mattress surrounding you as you have a warm blanket fresh out of the dryer, covering you from your toes to your shoulders. You are embraced in this comfort as it spreads throughout you.

with each part of the heat traveling through you comes a different feeling, as you tilt your head up, and look at the ceiling

You begin to see the ceiling change color, a beautiful colorful mist dancing above you

It twists around and the little droplets making up the mist swirl like watercolor paint, the air smells like fresh flower and the mist on the ceiling begins to circle and then at once gently graces your skin in tiny droplets of rain now falling from the ceiling but not soaking you. They drip on your skin and each time one hits starts an experience

A red droplet falls moving fast and smelling of roses, it hits you with a tiny splash on the back of your hand. It feels like the drip of water from a sink, drip drip drip. The deep hue takes the shape of a spiral on your skin and soon, emits a sound and image of a wolf howling in the distance calling its babies home. You feel happy, almost welcomed to hear the love of a wolf, brave enough to protect and also have trust in her babies.

This mother wolf is caring because there are no lies in its cry, only respect and trust is how it makes you feel. You see the image turn around and soon it stops spiraling and you see the mother wolfs face, her fur glistening and her legs strong, her eyes deeper than any sea. This wonderful creature stands on the top of the hill, and it looks you right in the eye, as the spiral then clears and dissipates

You take a deep breath in and feel respected, it was just an image but it felt so much more than that

You look at the ceiling and it is bright, illuminating the color orange forming squares within squares. It feels like you are looking into a mirror as you see yourself in each orange square. Your toes curl up and you take a breath in to smell citrus, and the taste of oranges fills your mouth, as the droplets now are like snowflakes, tasting of a fresh fruit on a hot day. You taste peaches and apricots and oranges and mangoes and it illuminates your throat, clearing it and you feel compelled to look at the squares and see it is now one. It’s you looking back and that you in the square says out loud: I am free.

Your eyelids shut now as you feel tired and suddenly confident. As your eyes are closed, you start to feel cold and jittery. You open your eyes to see your entire room is filled with dandelions, wish flowers. You lift yourself up and see this field around you. The ceiling is the sun and it shines as you begin to pick them up and make wishes before inhaling and blowing the seeds to flow wherever they want. A wind begins to pick up and the seeds are dancing around before you close your eyes again and go deep into slumber

You are deep in sleep now. You don’t even know it

You are dreaming of a forest. Without the color green. You walk among the trees, leaves crunching and grass filled with dew but the color is gone. The color is gone, and so is your perception as you soon see, everything in the forest like tree bark and flowers, things that aren’t normally green- are green.

It’s a unique perspective as a tingling becomes a inhaled breath which soon becomes laughter. It’s so silly and you love it. You emerge from this and you open your eyes again, forgetting the green from your dream

Now you smell the crisp air of salt water. This time, your bed is a boat as your bed shrinks as well as you, seeing everything in your room as so much bigger, and so much more to explore. The digital clock looks like the numbers are buildings and the handles on dressers looked like doorknobs. The pictures all over your walls are unfazed by the water, as the water goes from blue to clear and you see everything as you float on your bed and jump out of it, floating in clear sight

you float on your back

and land up feeling tightness around your arms

You look around to see you are in a room a dining room with a plate in front of you.

You reach out to lift up the cover that is over the plate and are confused to see one purple colored key

You are feeling deep sadness as with this key it will take you out of here

But time is up and you’ve enjoyed this.

As you pick up the key, the ceiling opens up and out comes rain and fresh rose petals all different colors surrounding you in a pile of texture.

Sitting on your bed now, all this journey has come to an end and you miss it. Rain begins to pelt your window, and as you look out, you feel like you belong out there

Dancing with the rain

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