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Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By Wendiann Alfieri

Dear ...

Hands- I love the ability you have to help me write and eat and pick up things and if necessary, punch someone.

Feet- you have endured so much due to me pacing but I love you for staying strong no matter how much I wear you down. ( in the way of defense you probably are better use than my hands cause you can kick real well. Hands are weak as hell but don’t tell them I said that). You help my balance and let me walk. When I dig you underneath the sand at the shore of the beach and the water washes over you and my ankles well frankly that’s the best part of summer. When I walk barefoot I feel free I feel like I am lifted into the clouds despite the point being for me to feel the ground. You ache though when telling me to stop walking constantly on you. Sorry for ignoring that request but walking is essential to survival

Hips- fuck you you hurt all the time

Belly- you won’t shut up right now it appears your hungry. I love you, but stop making noises as though I have someone kidnapped in there who wants to get out.

Breasts- I never had you until like a year or two ago. Your big and I care for you I do I really do but please stop growing. You were at a point where I almost had to get custom bras online. And also maybe if you shrunk a little bit I would be able to wear nice things instead of when I try to wear nice things now and you pop out so much I’ve gotta like publicly fix you. Like a little cleavage is fine but you guys like to defy gravity and it’s annoying both of you are mischievous.

You DO look nice in nice things it’s just I can’t have you out all the time. Also if I run you punch me in the face and that’s not cool

Hair- you are beautiful I’m so happy I have not cut you all off like I used to. You aren’t short you are beautiful and vibrant and soft and full of volume. Keep on growing strong my friend!

Nose- ok I know it’s not your fault your so weird looking, I broke you not you. So I want you to know I feel for you. You getting broken so many times is something I wish never happened and I won’t say I hate how you look because it’s not your fault I flipped over my handlebars and smashed you into the pavement

Ears- you are amazing I get to listen to music cause of you and the sounds and vibrations are lovely and I hope as we grow old together we can still listen to all these songs we love

Mouth- you are weird but when I smile I feel happy and that is what matters

Eyes- you are beautiful and that’s my favorite feature I have. If I didn’t have you I wouldn’t be able to read and I love you I love you because when I look into you I see strength and I love that you make me love myself

Scars- I know your there you appear to have disappeared but I remember I know your still there and I know I caused most of you. I look at my arms and it appears that I don’t have you but I can see you all when I look close. You are part of me and even tho you may be distant your still there and sometimes I feel proud because I won a battle and others I feel despair because I don’t know if I’ve won the war

Voice- I love you no matter how nasly you sound I love you because I get to speak and I love being able to give my two cents and tell people how I feel

the end

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