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2020- Rate our product!

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

By, Wendiann Alfieri

(The following is fiction. This is. Not a real website format it’s one I made up for this writing piece. The stories are ones I came up with from my brain, to illustrate the Idea I have of what the impact Is like, the impact this year is having on people. No offense is intended in any way shape of form. Enjoy)

2020 It seems you have had 2020 for a while! How is it working for you? Rate our product and fill out our survey if you have any questions concerns or comments!

Customer Reviews And Personal Experiences!

Ratings- Rate and leave a BRIEF comment!

( one star) it is Like Living through a Sharknado. ( two star) this Year is fucking me up

(Five star) dude, I am just here for the memes

( Three stars) is this gonna become a Hitchcock movie?

( Four Star) this is the rapture!

( Two stars) we need unity

( two stars) I live in Florida. No more explanation is needed

Comment? comment here! ( no rating required and these comments remain anonymous but email is required for contact)

2020 is making me feel like I need a vacation from my family. this Is my story

I washed all my masks yesterday and they all disappeared like all the socks do. My husband is home all the time now and I love him but if he breaks the broken lamp he’s repairing again I’m gonna lose my mind. My kids, are all home now, even my older kids cause none of them know where to go and would rather me run this circus show. My little one tried eating the batteries that my older son instead of throwing them out,left on the table cause they were dead and god forbid he approach the totally empty trash can. I can’t find my coffee filters cause my daughter thought they were tissues and her allergies make her sound like darth Vader right now and I can’t stand it. Basically, 2020 is making me be the glue to hold this family up and they are all taken care of. But at the price of my sanity. I have All this wine from years that we keep downstairs. its like we collected them for special occasions and were given most of it as a Wedding gift from my husbands father. I got it all of the wine and I didn’t even drink it. I just poured all of it in my tub and just bathed in it. please respond and change the amount of time we spend with are family unless you can supply some whiskey cause I’m telling you, this wine isn’t enough

I haven’t slept in days because I keep wondering why that man at the supermarket took off his pants to reveal another layer of pants underneath it and I just can’t contemplate why someone would do that In a pandemic, they filmed it for YouTube too and we don’t need anymore videos of idiots. You need to DO SOMETHING

I went for coffee and the woman in front of me was being told to wear a mask but she yelled at them with her babies there also not wearing masks and I just wanted to drink my coffee I just made. She spit on the cashier and soon The police showed up and the Woman refused to leave the store. after that situation I walked home and realized I didn’t make coffee, in fact I hadn’t put anything in the damn cup and I am tired as fuck cause I watch the twilight zone all night to feel at pretend I am somewhat sane

my girlfriend is on the warpath because our daughters graduation and birthday had to be celebrated from home, the most we could afford was to put a sign on the lawn

she is supposed to go to college, please help

my best friend her husband and her are an interracial couple and they went to a protest but someone threw water All over them by dumping a Bucket over their heads. They still don’t know how to explain it to their kids. We need change right now I don’t care what anyone says we ALL need to change.

Can we postpone the election? We postponed dr appointments to keep ourselves quarantined, can we postpone politics?

My dog ate a table leg. My cat shit on my pillow yesterday

my other cat was sitting in the sink this morning. Just sitting in the sink.Our pets are going crazier than we are, during this pandemic and quarantine, and I do NOT want to have to explain to the vet how my dog ate A table leg because I also have no clue. We should ask our dog, his name is Rabbit

please provide an animal translator

I think if we need masks we need to still communicate honestly with each other with masks that state our attitude so we don’t have to guess if someone’s smiling at us or just staring. I request one that says “ Peace be with you” for my daughter

one smiley face one for my baby, and one that says “ Don’t fuck with me right now“ for me

I need to remember what I bought from amazon because I am Not sure if I bought that fluffy pillow or the megaphone to use around the house so people will listen to me when I say take the garbage out but that megaphone was a lot more money and please 2020, fulfill this world with love and more things to do without the fear of the Tragedy this world has become

My son is five years old. His father got sick with covid and passed away. It was a very small gathering, as both our families are in foreign countries and they did not become US citizens. Please, 2020 Owners,do something to right these wrongs. My baby is my purpose, this is sick 2020. This is just sick.

I had to go through giving birth With no family or fried support and there were so many other women giving birth around me. It makes me feel ashamed and hurt that my child was not held by my mother or the child’s father.


I work in a Wal-Mart and today a fight broke out because outside on our property, without our permission, was an anti-mask rally, and these people were BURNING their masks.

I need to see my doctor about my diabetes, but they are still Not taking appointments. It’s not an emergency but I do need a follow Up

I took a walk around my block and all of a sudden this squirrel runs up to my feet and starts sleeping on my shoe, being an adorable inconvenience. And I keep thinking like damn. This squirrel is being more kind to me than anyone is being with each other during this time

um so like, 2020, can you make sure that the murder hornets don’t come back?


okay 2020. Before you arrived there was hype that this year might be like the roaring 20’s. It’s not and I demand a refund

My grandpa was sitting on my porch and I went up to him and he’s a wise man and he said to ask you guys for help. Why has this year been so bad? Why? I don’t want to get to my grandpas age and watch my grandchildren go through this?

and you, 2020, you just sit there. maybe you need to give us all a break by you taking one


Thank you for your concerns fellow members of this year! we hear your struggles, and your pain, and you're hilarity.

We would like to apologize, but the year 2020 is not over and 2020 is running an entertainment project as all the other years are paying 2020 to keep watching in awe. but as we know the struggles you don’t deserve to go through, We are reimbursing you by offering you a bonus gift!!

You will all get a free jelly of the month full year subscription in your mailboxes along with a bookmark.

As all the other years are watching 2020 as well, we are sorry we can’t do more.

but 2020 needs the money for some fuel to keep going

the first jelly flavor is lemon meringue.


sincerely, 2020 Staff

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